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Scarborough Beach


City of Stirling Scarborough Beach front CCTV.


Unique Challenges

  • Significant use of concentrated deployment of CCTV nodes and high bandwidth availability.
  • Overcome interference caused by shipping radar.



  • This site achieved a record actual throughput of 266Mbps of a theoretically possible 300Mbps total using a single interface as part of the Aruba Air mesh solution. The unique dual and quad hardware architecture facilitates extremely high performance throughput. The Aruba MSR 4000 Quad MIMO radio can support an aggregated theoretical throughput of 1200Mbps using an 8 queue Quality of Service inbuilt Layer 3 Mesh Router feature sets.
  • Merge IDC use of the RFM feature was selected by virtue that RFM uses a reverse tournament algorithm to optimize the channel assignment. The algorithm takes each node’s internal self-interference in to consideration, optimizes the portal node’s channel first, then takes the nodes with the lowest PDF value and high priority in the optimization process. Non-DFS channels are preferred rather than DFS channels (Susceptible to shipping Radar) and the channel re-use ensures the whole mesh’s performance.