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City of Vincent – CCTV SecurityCity of Vincent


City of Vincent CCTV Coverage


Unique Challenges

  • Restricted Line-of-Sight due to insistent aesthetic considerations from the council.
  • Tolerate high wind, periodic interference, line-of-sight obstructions (due to trees) and unstable mounting constraints.


Merge IDC used two key technologies to overcome this obstacle namely the Aruba Networks channel reuse technology and Active Video Transport.

HD-quality video surveillance with Active Video Transport™ (AVT™) technology was facilitated at this deployment to use 8 Queue QoS capability and in built Jitter buffers to support the most current H.264 compression codec. This feature ensured less than 200ms windowing to ensure video is maintained even in the event of sporadic loss or during channel movements when high winds cause antenna masts to move back and forth.

Merge IDC had to avoid a single channel architecture in this application. The logic being the 50% expected loss a standard deployment in a linear fashion would provide unsuitable throughput for the Town of Vincent. This is shown in figure 1.0.


Figure 1.0 Example of throughput loss, typical of RF deployments.


The concept of using multi-channels as conducted with Aruba Networks dual and quad radios to create a linear mesh with 2 or more radios keep transmissions apart preserved throughput along the mesh. The Town of Vincent application deployed this technology to achieve redundancy, performance, and channel availability via re-use and availability technical goals.


Figure 2.0 Example of the Merge IDC Aruba Networks Solution to overcome challenges as described.