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Mobile Machine Wirelss Backup System Design And Operation



Merge IDC has been given opportunity to propose an effective Wireless Backup system for FMG Anderson Point Port Facility stockyard. Merge IDC has prepared a basic scope to enable the provision of an estimate for supply of hardware and engineering services based on the works breakdown.


Scope of Work:

The project was proposed to provide a reliable backup radio frequency communications system for all balance machines within the Port facility to mitigate operational risk in the event of failure of Fibre Optic Rotary Joint (FORJ) or trailing cable failure. The system operate in conjunction and as online backup system with the existing fibre optic link to the balance machines from the network hardware residing in the respective connected Switch rooms.


Project Description & Solution:

Frequency Planning is an essential component for implementation of Wireless system and as the primary approach for this Wireless survey was conducted at site. Point-to-point links was proposed on the balance machines and the frequencies was allocated for each link based on consideration that all the machines are co-located.


Also, considering the high presence of metal content at the site, interference issues was studied by implementation of one point-to-point link as a proof-of-concept and the system was analysed. This approach give us to identify the right parameters on that environment for a moving machine. Final stage of the project was commissioning and optimization.



All the objectives for the project as stated below are achieved with under budget and before the scheduled date.


  • Failover from break of fibre connection in a time of less than 1 second, without significant loss of production;
  • Interoperability with current plant network equipment without the requirement to installation additional vendor systems; less the radio hardware;
  • Operate without radio frequency interference to other FMG production or safety systems, in particular RCC and Tetra voice communications within the facility; and
  • Be simplistic and maintainable once installed and commissioned by the Port Process Control Department.