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Mining & Resources

Merge IDC specialises in communications for mining systems, specifically; IP Industrial & Critical Networks, WAN/LAN, Wireless and Supporting Software and Data Storage.



Mining & Resources Case Studies

mining_monitoring_sy1.jpg - largeMine Monitoring System

Coal mining is an efficient resource of energy and is used as a low cost, quality fuel for many power plants. Mining operations are being equipped with sophisticated industrial controls and sensors for safety and operations efficiency. In mining applications, reliable communication between many wide spread localizations and large bandwidth equipments are required. A well-known Coal Mine located in Silesia, Poland, has chosen Korenix JetNet 5010G for data transmissions which needed to be done in a reliable and effective manner. 


JetNet 5010G comes with Rapid Super Ring Redundancy Management functions as well as many other cutting edge technologies in software and hardware that makes it well-qualified for Coal Mining’s mission critical requirements. JetNet 5010G was chosen and implemented for various reasons; one which is its flexibility. JetNet 5010G comes with 3 RJ-45/SFP combos for flexible networking distances from 100-Meter Cat-5 cable to 70-KM Single-mode fibers. In addition, JetNet 5010G’s Rapid Super Ring has 5 ms of recovery time for redundancy as well as Gigabit Ethernet - to ensure future net efficiency. In addition, they are also using Korenix’s serial device JetPort 5604i because of its easy way to connect serial devices (i.e. tape loaders). The use of Korenix’s Ethernet products in the mining industry has provided the customer with safe mining operations.


mining_monitoring_sy2.jpg - large


Main Products

  • JetNet 5010G Industrial 7+3G-port Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switch
  • JetPort 5604 Industrial 4-port Redundant Serial Device Server


Why Korenix

  • Flexibility 7 10/100-TX ports and 3 Gigabit RJ-45/SFP combo ports (10/100/1000 Base-TX, 100 Base-FX, 1000 Base-X)
  • Reliable Multi-Form Rapid Super Ring (recovery time
  • Convenience JetPort 5604 series have four serial interfaces, and all of the interfaces can be configured with different serial interface types.



platinum_mine_monito1.jpg - largePlatinum Mine Monitoring System

South Africa, known throughout the world as a treasure trove of sorts, boasts an abundance of mineral resources, producing and owning a significant proportion of the world's minerals. South Africa's wealth has been built on the country's vast resources - nearly 90% of the platinum metals on Earth.


With the severe environment underground, it requiresthe rugged, dust-resistant, anti-vibration specifications of the JetBox 8100 embedded computer to ensure complete control of loading operations.


The compact size of JetBox 8100 is not only a good fit for the limited underground space, but also makes it possible to remotely monitor engineering data, control processes, and connects to personnel tracking and blast controls throughout the mines.


platinum_mine_monito2.jpg - large


Main Products

  • JetBox 8100 Industrial Communication Computer


Why Korenix

  • Small volume with core interfaces - Ethernet, 2COM, 2USB, VGA, Audio, PS2(KB/Mouse) CF card slot, and 2.5'' HDD IDE slot
  • Efficient and steady - AMD GEODE LX800 500MHz and system memory 256MB, 64MB VGA
  • Ready to use - Embedded Linux/Win CE/XPe OS ready, System Management Utility, Application Development Environment and Modbus gateway