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Security & Surveillance

poe_ip_surveillance.jpg - largePoE IP Surveillance

The plans of security surveillance are already underway to ensure the safety of all people taking public bus in Spain. However, there are some challenges revealed: Firstly, there could be the extra costs of wiring for each IP camera since 4 IP cameras would be required in one bus. Secondly, the temperature in the cabinet is relatively high due to the heat generated from the plastic roof; therefore the commercial switches could have difficulty sustaining under the heating environment.

Korenix has offered an ideal solution to the challenges above--- Industrial 5-port PoE switch JetNet 3705! Simply connect IP cameras with PoE function to industrial PoE switch; hence the images acquired are transmitted via IEEE802.3af protocol to the central computer and be sent to the remote monitoring center via wireless access point. The employees / police stationed at the command center are able to view live video or instant images through any of the security cameras installed on buses.


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Main Products

  • JetNet 3705 Industrial 5-port Power Over Ethernet Switch


Why Korenix

  • Solid - Rigid Aluminum Case Complies with IP31, Curvilinear heat dispersing, Redundant power, DINRail /Wall Mounting /Desktop Installation
  • Industrial - IP31 grade IEEE 802.3af Compliant - JetNet 3705 is in compliance with IEEE 802.3af standard and supports Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) function.
  • Secure Power Protection - To successfully deliver reliable power, JetNet 3705 builds in strong protection against abnormal working conditions, including 2KV power surge protection from the power input and over-voltage protection.


JetNet3705_City.jpg - largeWireless City Surveillance

Last few decades surveillance was mainly used for building security networks in banks, museums, governmental organizations, etc. However, within last few years surveillance becomes the basic tool for normal functioning of any city’s infrastructure. As video security networks continue to migrate to IP network solutions, customers are demanding lower-cost, easy-to-install and reliable Ethernet switch solutions. 

To accomplish this task, a Telecom Company opted to use Korenix JetNet 3705 5-port PoE switches for powering the Mobotix IP cameras and ensuring high quality and real-time video transmission via JetWave 2620 outdoor wireless Access Points for a total city surveillance solution. 

For this surveillance project JetNet 3705 switches were installed on the poles delivering power to the IP cameras and wireless devices using 4 PoE ports and at the same time transferring captured video images to the remote-end with uplink port. As a result the installation and cabling costs were greatly reduced. All the data was then sent to the central monitoring room using Korenix JetWave 2620 wireless outdoor AP.

Implementing the IP camera loss alarm function of JetNet 3705, system integrators can quickly respond for preventing sudden port break or power failure, ensuring the reliable system operation. In addition to the solid IP31 enclosure and the operability from -20 to +70oC temperature environment, JetNet 3705 has also a built-in 2KV power surge protection from over-power and over-voltage occurrences for successfully delivering reliable power.

To complete the task of long distance wireless data transmission to the central room, JetWave2620 wireless outdoor AP is installed on pole. Using Intel TDMA technology, the access point ensures long distance (over 40KM) wireless video transmission without compromising the bandwidth. Besides, users can benefit from the dual 5G bandwidth of JetWave 2620 for more video stream transmission with doubled throughput performance. 


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Using JetNet 3705 and JetWave2620, administrators at the command center are able to view live video through any of the security cameras installed on poles efficiently which proofs that PoE and Wireless solutions offered by Korenix are the best for real-time wireless city surveillance. 

Main Products

  • JetNet 3705 Industrial 5-port Power Over Ethernet Switch
  • JetWave 2620 Outdoor Long-Range Dual IEEE802.11a Wireless AP/Bridge


Why Korenix

  • Cost-effective - 4 PoE IEEE 802.3af ports reduce the maintenance and wiring costs.
  • Solid - Rigid Aluminum Case Complies with IP31, Curvilinear heat dispersing, Redundant power, DIN-Rail /Wall Mount/Desktop Installation
  • Flexible and High Performance - JetWave 2620 adopts Intel TDMA technology for ensuring wireless video transmission without collision for up to 40KM. With Dual 5GHz interfaces it doubles the bandwidth and directly relays traffic without any loss.



RADWIN Wireless Solutions for Fixed and Mobile Video Surveillance Applications

RADWIN_logo.jpg - smallRWith a multitude of deployments for homeland security, public safety, municipality, and transportation applications, RADWIN’s Point-to-Point (PtP), Point-to-MultiPoint (PtMP) and FiberinMotion® wireless mobility solutions power high quality, high definition video surveillance for fixed, nomadic and mobile applications.

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RADWIN wireless solutions for video surveillance present a unique range of advantages:

  1. More Base Station capacity (250 Mbps) for High Definition (HD) cameras
  2. Exceptional interference immunity, utilizing RADWIN 5000 JET beamforming technology
  3. More cameras per remote unit (up to 100 Mbps)
  4. High capacity backhaul – up to 750 Mbps (RADWIN 2000)
  5. Superior image quality, guaranteed via dedicated bandwidth per camera site
  6. Low jitter for zero video “hiccups”
  7. Robust transmission in non-line-of-sight scenarios in dense urban areas
  8. Simple installation, cutting down deployment times and cost
  9. Ad-hoc or temporary monitoring with RADWIN 5000 nomadic mode
  10. Video transmission on-the-move with FiberinMotion wireless mobility solution.


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RADWIN Security & Surveillance Case Studies

RADWIN Wireless Video Surveillance Soultions Secures US-Mexico Border                                           
RADWIN 5000 PtMP enable local Port Authority in Texas to monitor & control U.S borders and ports-of-entry.
Crime Prevenstion Video Surveillance Soultions in Huntington Beach, California
RADWIN solutions boost safety of residents and visitors in booming beach community.
RADWIN secures the 2014 FIFA World Cup    
RADWIN 5000 PtMP systems installed on Mobile Command Center Vehicles to help military police monitor crowds and prevent  riots.

Video Surveillance for Security & Public Safety in San Bernardino

Securing the African Cup Championship Games

High-Performance Wireless Network Enhanced Public Safety in City of Fairfield

fter a careful evaluation process, the City of Fairfield chose RADWIN’s Point-to-Multipoint and Point-to-Point solutions to serve as the building blocks of its surveillance network. RADWIN’s wireless radios deliver the ultra-capacity, high performance and robustness required for this project.

Wireless Solution Drives Down Climbing Crime Rates and Increases Public Safety

Building a Video Surveillance Network for the Port of Richmond, Virgina

Merge IDC Security & Surveillance Clients

The following are projects where Merge IDC has acted as a Distributor and Or provided the communications solution for the Australian/New Zealand licenced security integrator:


·   Acacia Prison

·   Adelaide Train Station Security

·   ADM Process Security

·   Argyle Diamonds Underground Exp. Project security system

·   BHP Area C Wireless CCTV

·   BHP Whaleback Moblie Trailers

·   Boddington Gold

·   Bombardier Rail Security

·   Broome Accommodation Project

·   Broome Port Authority

·   Caterpillar Underground Mining systems

·   Citic Pacific CCTV solution

·   City of Belmont - Oasis Skate Park CCTV

·   City of Carnarvon CCTV system

·   City of Ceduna

·   City of Liverpool CCTV

·   City of Perth CCTV

·   City of Wanneroo

·   Cockatoo Island

·   Commonwealth Heads of Government Security Solution

·   CSE-Global

·   Curtin University Surveillance Project

·   CY O'Conner TAFE

·   Darwin International Airport

·   DB Schenker CCTV

·   Derby Courthouse

·   Downer EDI Construction

·   Eastern Goldfields Regional Prison

·   Exxon Mobile CCTV

·   FMG Borefields

·   Fortescue Metals Anderson Point security system

·   Garmin International

·   Hakea Prison

·   Halliburton Aruba Indoor

·   Hope Downs

·   Ivanhoe Shopping centre

·   Jack Hills Project

·   Kalgoorlie Court House security system

·   Kangaroo Hill Village Camp

·   Karara Project

·   Kimberly Prison

·   Kings Security System

·   Kwinana Power Station

·   MESA-A Project

·   Mount Magnet South

·   Mt Claremont Retirement Village - CCTV

·   Nifty Mine – Telfer

·   Onslow Camp Security

·   Pacific National Wireless

·   Paraburdoo Mobile Machines

·   Perth Mint CCTV

·   Pontville Detention Centre

·   Port Headland Security

·   QV1 CBRE Building management and Security system

·   Rangeview Remand Centre

·   Ravensthorpe Nickel mine

·   Rio Tinto Autohaul Project

·   Roebourne Prison Wireless and Network

·   Scarborough Beach CCTV

·   Shire of Narembeen

·   Shire of Perenjori

·   Shire of Trayning CCTV

·   South Headland

·   St Bartholomew’s House

·   Sunbury CCTV

·   Telfer Accommodation Project

·   Telfer Mine Site

·   The Treasury Hotel

·   Town of Narrogin

·   Town of Vincent CCTV

·   WA Airport Terminal WA

·   Western Power Project VISTA Surveillance

·   Wheatstone Project

·   Yongan Hills Detention Centre