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bus-surveillance.jpg - largeBus Surveillance

Video surveillance in buses and other mobile systems has become highly important due to the increased number of criminal threats. With surveillance now heading the way of IP, more vehicles are being equipped with IP cameras which require a total IP surveillance network solution.


Bus surveillance, unlike other applications with available DC48V power input, has a different requirement; the DC24V power input. Therefore, the legacy solution to power 48V PoE cameras in the vehicles requires an extra power adapter for converting voltage from DC24V to DC48V. Usage of this additional device obviously increases the cost of the system while decreasing its efficiency.

To solve this issue and to lower the total cabling costs, the System Integrating Company opted to use Korenix JetNet 3705-24V PoE switch. The four 24V PoE ports power the IP cameras and the wireless AP. The videos from IP camera are stored in the mobile NVR and transmitted to the network surveillance center through wireless communication.

The JetNet 3705-24V 5-port Industrial 24V PoE Ethernet DIN Rail Switch provides a high speed, simple and cost-effective solution for configuring small Industrial Fast Ethernet networks. The 24V operating voltage is supplied through a rugged terminal block which can be configured for redundant power connection. The vibration resistance, wide operating temperature and fan-less design with unmovable parts, made JetNet 3705-24V the ideal solution for this application.


JetNet3705-24V_vehic1.jpg - large


Main Products

  • JetNet 3705-24V Industrial 5-port PoE Switch for Vehicle DC 24V Input


Why Korenix

  • 24VDC power input makes the deployment of standard IEEE 802.3af PoE IP cameras feasible on vehicles.
  • The Rugged Design makes it possible to overcome the harsh conditions with vibration and shock and to ensure network reliability in the moving vehicles .
  • -10~ 60? operating temperature for extreme environments.


tram-surveillance.jpg - largeTram Surveillance

Environmentally friendly urban development policies all over the world make Ethernet tram the future trend of smart transportation systems. These Ethernet vehicles are integrating secure and reliable multifunctional solutions.  One such example is the deployment of on-tram ticketing systems integrated with IP surveillance and multimedia solutions. The multifunctional systems require devices which can overcome vibration and shock on moving vehicles and provide efficient network management tools for high quality video transmission. 

Regular RJ45 connectors used in such networking devices usually experience link failure and data loss under harsh exploitation conditions. That is the reason why M12 connectors are used; however, they require soldering and their deployment results in high wiring costs. Thus, in order to have a reliable, cost-effective connection and to overcome the vibration/shock, the rugged RJ45 connector is needed.

For the tram company Korenix JetNet 4506-RJ appeared to be the best solution, which solved all these problems and also reduced wiring costs of the total system providing fast and easy system installation. Equipped with rugged IP67 grade RJ45 connectors JetNet4506-RJ provided great protection eliminating link loss and data failure from constant vibration and shock.

The JetNet 4506-RJ rugged switch worked as an intermediate device assuring the data transmission from transit magnetic ticket validators and multimedia devices to the central room through GPS boards. It simultaneously transferred the video streams captured from IP cameras to the mobile NVR.

With its Rapid Super Ring redunancy technology JetNet 4506-RJ recovers any link failure and data loss within 5 ms providing a reliable video transmission. Besides, JetNet4506-RJ features VLAN and QoS management functions to guarantee the high quality of the video transmission, as well as optimized IGMP Query/Snooping to prevent multicast traffic from flooding the network while ensuring the high quality and efficient multicast multimedia traffic delivery to the tram. The versatile management interfaces of JetNet 4506-RJ reduce maintenance efforts and costs making it the best solution for this all-in-one tram application.


20090730_JetNet4506-1.jpg - large


Main Products

  • JetNet 4506-RJ IP67 Rugged Ethernet switch


Why Korenix

  • Rugged IP67 grade RJ45 connectors reduce wiring costs and ensure fast installation. 
  • Rugged Design ensures network reliability against the harsh conditions with vibration and shock on the moving vehicles.
  • IGMP, VLAN, QoS, MSR network management features deliver high quality, reliable and secure network communication.



JetNet3706-RJ_tunnel.JPG - largeTunnel Traffic Monitoring

Disastrous fires and everyday accidents lead to a major reappraisal of tunnel safety. As a result, latest video surveillance technologies are being installed to ensure the highest level of safety and fast reaction time in emergency situations. However, some challenges need to be addressed, including the relatively humid, dusty and salty environmental conditions in tunnels, as well as the frequent vibration of equipment caused by moving heavy vehicles. 

For the system integrating company Korenix JetNet 3706-RJ appeared to be a great solution, which solved all these problems and in addition reduced the impact to heavy traffic by shortening the construction and future maintenance time. 

JetNet 3706-RJ rugged switches installed in underground tunnels powered the IP cameras and transferred the captured streams to the monitoring center. To overcome the long distance between the traffic center and the pole, JetCon 3401G gigabit media converters where used as intermediate devices.

With six IP67 rated RJ45 ports, the JetNet3706-RJ outdoor PoE switches are easy to install. As a result, they reduce wiring costs and provide secure and highly reliable waterproof, dust-tight, anti-vibration connection. In addition, the 4 PoE ports of JetNet 3706-RJ make it possible to extend power deployments to the most inaccessible areas and reduce maintenance time, thus the overall costs too. Due to its outstanding mechanical design and capability of operating in -40 ~ +70oC wide temperature range, JetNet 3706-RJ can be easily adopted in difficult to wire tunnel applications providing the most rugged solutions for reliable IP surveillance network construction.

The real-time traffic monitoring of tunnels from the control center is becoming possible when additional JetCon 3401G gigabit converters are installed. These converters receive millions of video streams from IP cameras via JetNet 3706-RJ and through gigabit optic fibers transfer these high bandwidth data to the central room. With its rugged design in addition to the excellent traffic handling and the active link loss forwarding technologies, JetCon 3401G increases network performance and keeps the data transfer running non-stop in severe conditions.

The overall network system provided by Korenix, with the installation of JetNet 3706-RJ and JetCon 3401G became an ideal efficient and cost-effective solution for the System Integrating company to design a real-time traffic management and monitoring in harsh tunnel applications.


tunnel_surveillance.gif - large


Main Products

  • JetNet 3706-RJ Industrial 6-Port RJ45/IP67 PoE Switch 
  • JetCon 3401G Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter


Why Korenix

  • Cost-effective - PoE technology and the easy installed rugged RJ45 ports reduce maintenance time and costs.
  • Solid - Waterproof, dust-tight, vibration resistant and -40 ~ +70oC wide operating temperature to overcome the severe industrial conditions.
  • Flexible - JetCon 3401G is equipped with SFP to adopt different types of fiber optical cables or to expand high-bandwidth video transmission.



traffic_light_contro1.jpg - largeTraffic Light Control

Beijing is China’s second largest city after Shanghai. It is a major transportation center, with dozens of railways, roads and motorways passing through the city. The city hosted the 2008 Summer Olympics. To improve the heavy traffic during rush hour; public transportation and intelligent traffic systems are often introduced in nearly all metropolitans. For an intelligent traffic system, it requires Ethernet redundant mechanism, RS-232/422 to Ethernet converter to remote control traffic light and other traffic sign/ display. 

Fiber converters becomes a must since the remote control traffic light may be located tens of kilometers apart. In the diagram below, each circle represents 4 sets of traffic light from 4 intersections and the traffic information is collected and transmitted back to the traffic control center instantly through the JetCon2301’s Fiber connection. JetPort/JetCon Series is the best combination for the traffic control application operating under harsh environments. Connecting the JetPort 5601 to the traffic light controller and link to the JetNet 4508f through Ethernet then report those signals to the control center. By using this network architecture demonstrated in the picture, it provides Ethernet Ring redundant solution assuring a non-stop data transmitting to the traffic control system. Fiber module in single mode of the JetNet 4508f extends the network connectivity.


traffic_light_contro2.jpg - large


Main Products

  • JetNet 4508f Industrial 8-port Managed Fiber Ethernet Rail Switch
  • JetCon 2301 Industrial Fast Ethernet to Fiber Media Converter
  • JetPort 5601 Industrial 1-port RS 232 /422/485 Redundant Serial Device Server


Why Korenix

  • Reliable - JetNet 4508f provides Super Ring technology-back up system recovery time is less than 20ms, Dual Homing and Couple Ring.
  • Easy Maintenance - JetCon 2301 features remote Link Loss Forwarding (LLF) technology which provides remote link down signal forwarding and acknowledging link events.
  • 3-in-1 Serial Configuration - JetPort 5601 serial port supports RS-232/422, 2/4 wire RS485